The Hostile Lover

The story is just about the weird relationship among Rodolfo and his ex-bride Clotilde. Rodolfo came from a good family and dated Clotilde, but, everything has started when they went to Praxedes party. Clotilde had gone to it with a cleavage clothe, arms showing, what left Rodolfo in jealousy, developing a kind of sickly desire for having her arms to hurt through needles. For a while, he has contained himself.

Along the way, the wish for prick her, and makes her black spots was just growing up. The jealousy was so intense that even her with a lot of clothes in body, he sawed her arms completely in nude. The horror has just begun when they went to an event by Viscondessa de Lajes, what he insisted to drill her with pins to be compensated by her exhibition at the party of once. Stunned, under fear, she has accepted for love.

It was a stormy night and Rodolfo was telling his story to Justino, his friend, in a high-speed train. Crazy as him, his friend has supported him, saying: “It’s normal”, and comparing his sadism with philosophical thinking by Rousseau. The horrible act of hurting Clotilde had started to often become. He went to her parents house everyday to make it.

Someday, the housemaid saw the hurt and told to her father. The father has discovered and ended the wedding. In that moment, telling his story to Justino, has appeared, in another wagon, a pretty woman. Rodolfo said goodbye to Justino and went to that wagon hurt her.

Dentro da Noite is an exciting thriller, smart and insane for It’s time. With a psychopath character covered in a labskin, the tale brings a taste of London night hidden by smoke of a crime and brazilian countryside.

João Paulo Emílio Cristóvão dos Santos Coelho Barreto was a journalist, chronicler, translator and brazilian theatrologist (Rio de Janeiro, 5 de agosto de 1881 — 23 de junho de 1921) and, had “João do Rio” as yours most known pseudonym. He attended Ginásio Nacional and has immersed himself into world of journalism, supporting too many press companies in Rio de Janeiro. He was elected in Academia Brasileira de Letras trying to apply three times, in 1910.

Texto: Pablo B.P. Santos

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